Freelancing in Birmingham: tougher than London?

I’ve been freelancing for a while now and I’ll be honest, nearly all of my clients are scattered across the country or in London.

I barely deal with anyone that’s within an hour of where I live. It seems that the West Midlands hasn’t quite managed to become a creative or marketing hub, with a scarce few digital agencies battling it out to become ‘Birmingham’s number 1’.

This is a bit sad. There are tons of businesses here, so why aren’t there more creative agencies ready to pounce on clients who are ready to splash the cash on engaging with their customers?

As a freelancer who primarily supplies agencies with copy, it is difficult to forge the relationships with local clients who should be preferred clients. Providing freelance copywriting services to someone in an office in London who you’ve never met before is nice, but the lack face to face engagement can often lead to contrived communication and muddy briefs.

Hopefully someone will see the potential that Birmingham has to offer. It is the youngest city in Europe with a potentially huge graduate workforce, attracted by multiple universities and established local businesses like Jaguar Land Rover and Cadburys.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to provide freelance copywriting services to the rest of the country.